Yoga for Tremors

Yoga for Tremors

What are tremors?

Tremors refer to as uncontrolled and rhythmic involuntary shaking of hands or other parts of body. They could be action tremors (when an old lady tries to drink a glass of water) or rest tremors (seen at rest that disappears during action as in Parkinson’s disease).


When does a tremor become a disorder?

We all would have experienced shaking of the hands when we were anxious and tensed. But this becomes a problem needing medical help if it persists and disturbs the daily routine and could be an indication of nervous disease.


What is the most common cause of Tremors?

The commonest cause of tremors is anxiety. When we are anxious the sympathetic nervous system is activated which releases stress chemicals such as adrenalin which is responsible for the hands to shake, heart to beat faster, blood pressure to shoot up etc . All these changes are meant to help us to cope up with the demand of the situation to fight or flight from the danger. In the present day life we created pressures and reactions for every small situation which leads to anxiety and the nervous system uses the same chemical mechanisms to produce these changes of uncontrollable and unnecessary tremors.


What are other causes of tremors?

Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke,  peripheral neuropathy, withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking alcohol,  amphetamines and other stimulants, medications, such as some antidepressants and some medicines that are taken for asthma, too much caffeine. It is considered some tremors run in families.


How does yoga therapy help in tremors?

Yoga understands anxiety as a state of mind where thoughts in the mind are running too fast. In other words, anxiety is excessive speed of mind.

When we keep on rewinding in the mind same thoughts again and again, an uncontrollable loop of thoughts pulls us into the state of anxiety. This starts showing at physical level as excessive sweating, tremors etc. Tremors are result of stimulated nervous system which release the surge of electrical currents

When the cause is mind the remedial measures has to be mind itself. Yoga teaches us to learn the art of slowing down and control the mind and bring it to a state of complete freedom from these surges of anxiety that result in anxiety related tremors.


Can yoga work in other type of tremors as well?

Tremors are common movement disorder due to increased and uncontrolled electrical current to muscles. Yoga can be of help by giving deeper rest to the nervous system thus giving it a chance to function back normally and slow or stop this unnecessary electrical bombardment. Hence yoga should work in all types of tremors.


What Yoga practices are recommended for Tremors?

Regular practice of yoga should help in slowing the mind

1. 10 -12 rounds of sun salutation, followed by relaxation of 2 minutes.

2. Ardh kati chakra asana (half waist wheel pose)

3. Cleansing techniques- like kapalabhati( forceful exhalation)

4. Alternative nostril breathing

5. Deep meditation.



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