Yoga for Thyroid

What is Thyroid Gland?


The thyroid gland is a large gland located in the front part of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. It is butterfly-shaped, which wrap around the trachea. The function of this organ is to produce thyroid hormone, which is responsible for regulating metabolism,growth and  maintaining temperature. Thyroid gland secretes Thyroxin hormones known  as T4, T3.The amount of Thyroxin hormone to be secreted in the body depends upon another hormone called Thyroid secreting hormone(TSH).

What is over activity and under activity of Thyroid gland?

Over activity (Hyperthyroidism) -If the thyroid gland is over productive the condition is called hyperthyroidism.  Hyperthyroidism happens due to an excess amount of free thyroid hormone.

 Some symptoms seen in a patient with hyperthyroidism include-

• hyperactivity

• Weight loss even after good diet

• Infertility and loss of interest in sex

• Anxiety, irritability and nervousness

• Termers

• Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)


• Increased frequency of urination and defecation

• Diarrhea or steatorrhoea (excess fats in your stools

• Intolerance to heat and may have excess sweating

• Women may have decreased frequency of menstruation

In hyperthyroidism, the laboratory investigation shows a low TSH and a high T3 along with an increase in the total and free T4 levels.

Under activity (Hypothyroid)

In hypothyroidism the symptoms seen are reversed.

• weight gain

• constipation

• depression

• Severe fatigue

•  sensitivity to cold

• slowness in body and mind

• muscle aches and weakness

• muscle cramps

• dry and scaly skin

• brittle hair and nails

• heavy or irregular periods

• Loss of memory in alders

• Mental confusion or even mild psychosis

• Slow growth in children

• Slow heart rate

• May have high cholesterol

• May have severe anemia

On laboratory investigation, the T4 and free T4 levels are found to be low while the TSH is always high and T3 may be within the normal range.

Is there a role of stress in over and under activity of thyroid?

A long standing suppressed chronic frustrations or anxiety can disturb the immune system and cause autoimmunity. Autoimmunity means body’s cells fighting against their own cells. Here the target is thyroid gland. This results in malfunctioning of thyroid.

How does yoga help in Thyroid problems?

Yoga is considered a great stress buster. It also plays a remarkable role in calming down the nervous system. The techniques used in yoga give deep rest to nervous system which helps with autoimmunity, hence promotes normal functioning of thyroid gland.



Tailor your yoga to quieten your body and mind. An aggressive practice could worsen the heart-related complications, so try focusing on restorative postures over all. Some of the practices which can be done are-

Seetli and seetkari pranayam ( cooling pranayams)

Alternative nostril breathing

Setubandh asana(bridge pose)

Tiger breathing

Simha mudra(Lion roar)

Trikon asana( triangle pose)

Shavasana(corps pose)

Deep relaxation techniques



Sun salutation

Januhastasana (Hand-to-Knee Pose)

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Hal asana (Plough Pose)

Bhujang asana(cobra pose)

Dhanur asana(Bow pose)

Ushtra asana( Camel pose)

Ujjayi pranayam


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