Yoga for Nasal allergy


What is Nasal allergy?


Nasal Allergy is over reactivity of the nose which causes inflammation in the inner lining of nose leading to complaints like irritation, sneezing, running nose and blockage. Nasal allergy is also called as allergic rhinitis

What are the symptoms of Nasal allergy?

The symptoms are cold-like symptoms, such as sneezing, itchiness and a blocked or runny nose, body aches. The symptoms are not associated with fever.

The symptoms usually begin soon after exposure to an allergen.

Some people experience them for few months at a time because the allergens they are sensitive to, such as tree or grass pollen, are only produced at certain times of the year. Other people experience the condition all year round (allergies such as animal fur).

What causes Nasal Allergy?

Nasal allergy is caused by the immune system reacting to an allergen as if it were harmful (The immune system is the body’s natural defense against infection and illness).If our immune system is oversensitive, it will react by attacking allergens in the same way it attacks viruses and infections. This over sensitive system leads to defensive mechanism of body which starts sending soldiers (white blood cells) to the nose for fighting and starts mechanism of sneezing to throw them out, running nose to wash off enemy and blockage of nose to prevent entry of enemy.Known allergens include pollen (this type of allergic rhinitis is known as hay fever), house dust mites and certain animals.

Does stress plays any role in nasal allergy?

Yes, stress is a well-known trigger the basic allergic tendency, which is inherited. This tendency for over sensitivity may be found in some of our family members in the form of allergy to some foods or skin allergy etc., and stress acts as a trigger to unfold this tendency and makes us suffer from nasal symptoms

Can yoga therapy help in nasal allergies, if yes, how?

Yoga helps to balance nervous system of body. Stress triggers sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight system of body). Long standing stress increases over reactivity to even normal situations and so is the behavior of nasal lining. Hence calming down the nervous system decreases reactivity of lining to allergens.

Psychologists say that if you cannot express your feelings of frustration, anxiety or anger it shows up as Nasal Allergy. So yoga teaches you how to overcome our emotional sensitivity. Thus yoga is the real way to cure your Nasal Allergy, as it teaches us how to correct the imbalances our self to cure our body.

What practices are recommended for Nasal allergies?

1. Breathing exercises-Tiger breathing, rabbit breathing

2. Loosening exercises -jogging, twisting, sun salutation

3. Lifestyle change through right knowledge

4. Kriyas- Jalaneti involves yogic nasal wash by saline water. This is a voluntary training that helps in self-retraining the over-reactive lining of the nose, teaching our nose to tolerate even other substances such as dust or pollen or cold air.

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