Yoga for Cancer

What is Cancer?

The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body leading to formation of tumor which invades other cells.

How does this happen?

It is the immune system that has the capacity to scavenge away the abnormal cells from body. Yoga works through strengthening immune system which consists of different types of white blood cells.

Yogis understood the mechanism of how to invoke and canalize this inner healing potential to the best of its ability. When the mind is agitated in response to long standing stressful demanding situations, the body loses its homeostasis (balance). This leads to uncontrolled activity of Prana (vital energy). In course of time this becomes a bad habit and we start drawing too much Prana for very minor situations. As time passes this creates imbalance in the functioning of nervous system, endocrine system and the immune system. All these start off at the psychological level by erratic life style of wrong eating and sleeping habits, wrong way of sense pleasures, wrong ways of earning money etc. The importance of this knowledge is that ,even at terminal stage of life it helps understand the path through which it originated and hence helps giving understanding that reversal is possible by exercising your will. The entire program in your soft wear can be reset if you debug it. Yoga is the antivirus program. The way it works simply through giving very deep rest to each and every cell in the body which helps to rejuvenate the cells and restores the DNA repair mechanism.


Is there a way to prevent cancer?

Cancer is thought to be caused mainly due to inherited faulty genes. But now it id thought that only in about 5 to 10% of cases, cause of death is cancer. The other important factors which contribute are environment, life style, diet and emotional health.


lifestyle depends on how we live and what we eat. Living a healthy life style will include-

1.Eating a healthy balanced diet- This will include 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetable, fiber rich food, whole grain food, proteins from milk and non milk origin and reduce red or processed meat.

2. Maintaining a healthy weight
3. Drinking less alcohol as it can cause, mouth cancer, esophagus, lung, breast or even liver cancer.
4. Stop smoking. It is said that in up to 90% of cases of lung cancer, the cause is smoking

5. protecting your skin from sun damage- use SPF 15 sun protection factor) on exposed skin when you go out in the sun.

6. keeping active

7. Occupation- continuous exposure to harmful chemicals may cause cancer eg: staying continuously in tobacco smoke.

 Emotional health-

Emotional health is the dependent upon our endurance to a stressful situation. Different people can have different reactions to same stress. It has been found out that people who are more sensitive by nature can be more prone to autoimmune diseases. This sensitive nature may mean living life in fear or not able to let go the hurt they have faced in past. If this situation occurs for long diseases start appearing in body.

This results in a feed back message to brain to destroy the body. Thus body starts fighting against its own cells which we term as autoimmunity. This process and be controlled or may be even reversed by yoga therapy.

What changes can yoga bring in people with Cancer?

For people undergoing chemotherapy (CT)and radiation(RT), yoga for cancer provides a means to strengthen the body, boost the immune system and help those recovering from surgery, such as that for breast cancer. Yoga also reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radio therapy and Lesser immune system damage due to CT and RT. Yoga is thought to increase the natural killer cells in body. Yoga helps clear toxins collected during cancer treatment more effectively. The deep relaxing breathing increases the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the cells, delivering vital nutrients to tired cells and further clearing out toxins. Stress depresses the body’s natural immune function, which may be one of the reasons that there is evidence that people who practice yoga for cancer have greater recovery rates. Yoga also works as stress, anxiety buster

What yoga practices are recommended in Cancer?

This can vary from type of cancer to severity. In general breathing practices are surely useful. The practices which help in rotation of prana (vital energy) through out the body smoothly will be beneficial too. Imagery techniques are used which show very beneficial results. Asanas are prescribed situation specific. Alternative nostril breathing is consider great tool to tackle stress in Cancer patients.

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