Testimonial for Sonu Goel

1. I first came to see Sonu in November 2011. I had struggled for many years with depression and addiction and, although I had made great strides in the years before Sonu came to treat me, I was still having periodic difficulties. I was experiencing a mild, but still obstructive, depression when we began to work together. As a consequence of my problems dealing with emotional stress, I was
suffering from frequent and persistent headaches, and occasionally debilitating back pain. Sonu’s approach was to listen very carefully to what I told her, and to embark on a cautious and well-structured programme of treatment. Over the months, I have emerged from the last episode of depression, learned the beneficial use of yoga and finally come to the practice of meditation. This was something that had eluded me over many years of the pursuit of spiritual growth.

Sonu has worked in co-operation with my GP and my psychotherapist. She has always respected them and the work that they do. As a direct consequence of this harmonious approach, I have been able to become free of antidepressant medication with the blessing of all those involved with my health and wellbeing. This process was much less troublesome or difficult than I had ever imagined,
and was significantly easier than the previous attempts I had made to withdraw from chemicals. The end of psychotherapy has also come during my time with Sonu; naturally, this is a process that has its own problems, sensitivities and challenges. I have found that my work with Sonu has enabled me to say goodbye to psychotherapy, and my psychotherapist, without relapsing into depression.
My headaches and back pain have gone; the physical and emotional benefits of yoga therapy are clear to me.

My relationships with my work, my husband, my family, my friends and my finances have all seen a direct benefit from Sonu’s care. It is without hesitation that I would recommend yoga therapy, and specifically Sonu’s expertise, to anyone considering and alternative or addition to conventional therapies.

Sarah V.

2. Dr Sonu Goel was very approachable so I found it easy to speak to her about my ailments. After a full review on my medical history she advised me on an eating plan, herbal supplements and yoga exercises to focus on the core issue of my back pain. I found that within a few months I was more flexible and my back did not feel stiff anymore. The last 5 winters of suffering from a stiff back, cold hands and feet made me feel older than I was – however after taking Dr Sonu Goels advice I felt the difference fairly soon. She has definately given me back the years and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others who have health issues but are looking for alternative ways for treatment.

Sophia – Twickenham


3. I contacted Sonu to ask for her help with my decreasing mobility because of arthritis in my hip and knee. Sonu patiently worked with me for nine months, helping me become more flexible with a mixture of specific yoga practices, massage and advice on diet. Her kind, holistic approach also helped me come to terms with a close bereavement, and offered a positive approach to moving forward.

Ann B

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