About Sonu

Dr Sonu Goel an Ayurvedic doctor (BAMS), M.D in Alternative medicine and Yoga therapist by profession has been practicing the combination theory for 10 years.

Her passion about yoga since childhood, lead her around India where she studied with some of the world’s most respected yoga teachers and was trained in SVYASA, Bangalore the biggest Yoga research center and Yoga hospital in the world.

Having worked 5 years in A&E(Accident and Emergency) as a Doctor in India, she was medically trained to handle medical emergencies like acute stroke, status epileptics, heart attacks etc. She also has a deep understanding how the ancient system Ayurveda works in today’s world using diet, herbs and Panchkarma.

Based on her knowledge on Modern medicine, Ayurveda and Yoga, she has been able to help, relieve, comfort people suffering and have been able to rehabilitate them.

Through Yoga therapy alone she has been able to help people with various medical conditions with a very high success rate. Her aim is still a step further to help people reduce or get rid of medication they are on, depending upon their speed of recovery.